2022 TVP Global Mentorship 2022 – The Five Strategies Around the World

TVP Global Mentorship 2022 – The Five Strategies Around the World
08:00 UHR

The Virtues Project Global Mentorship is a worldwide gathering for Virtues Project Facilitators, Master Facilitators, and VP Enthusiasts. These Mentorship gatherings have been happening in person since 1996, every two years at different locations around the world. The Covid era has seen us move these mentorships online. Mentorship is a place to learn, to share best practices, to inspire and be inspired, and to mentor each other. We see and hear how others are implementing and integrating the virtues and The Five Strategies around the world. We honor the spirit and meet new and old friends. We are united and connected in our love for the virtues and The Virtues Project and go forth with renewed energy and purposefulness. This mentorship will include dynamic presentations by Master Facilitators around the world on The Five Strategies with breakout rooms for attendee discussion and connection. Experience a special appearance by The Virtues Project co-founders Linda Kavelin-Popov & Dan Popov! Please join us as we celebrate our worldwide community in this Global Mentorship on November 19th, this year on Zoom!

This virtual event is one continuous Zoom session 5 hours in length. Attendees have the option to join a Western Hemisphere link or an Eastern Hemisphere link based on your time zone preference of identical presentations. If you cannot attend the LIVE event, you may purchase a ticket to receive the event recording. Breakout room discussions will not be recorded for distribution.

Join us in celebrating The Five Strategies Around the World on November 19th (08:00 AM/morgens)!

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Questions? Please contact the IAC at iac@virtuesproject.com