Virtues in Me – Musik CD mit Kinderliedern

Musik-CD mit 21 englischsprachigen Kinderliedern zu verschiedenen Tugenden wie u.a. Freundlichkeit, Sanftmut, Vertrauen, Ordentlichkeit, Toleranz, Liebe, Mut, Großzügigkeit, Hilfsbereitschaft, Geduld

You may be familiar with some of these melodies but wait for the delightful new twist! These songs help children in an active, fun way to live by their deepest values. The songs are not full-on ‘message’ songs, nor are they ‘airy-fairy’. We chose rather to integrate virtues into songs that are already in the child’s world. We also added a few new, original songs for fun. A most appealing feature of this digital collection is the children’s singing. Though Radha’s voice provides a pleasant tonal contrast, the songs are largely sung by children, for children. The high standard of children’s singing provides an excellent role-model for children listening and singing along. Virtues in Me is an official companion resource to The Virtues Project Educators Guide by internationally renowned Canadian author, Linda Kavelin Popov.



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